Germany’s workshop and service experts have voted and chosen winners in 15 categories. MAHA was also recognised by readers once again in this year’s vote in the “Lifting Systems and Wheel Engagers” category.

Haldenwang, 6 July 2017. Readers of WERKSTATT aktuell could choose from a total of 91 brands in 15 categories in a vote carried out in collaboration with the expert organisation DEKRA. For the fourth year running, the most important brands of relevance on the market were identified by Germany’s workshop and service experts in categories such as Starter Batteries for 24 V Systems, Battery Chargers, Vehicle Maintenance and Cleaning, Oils and Lubricants, and Lifting Systems and Wheel Engagers.

This year, around 400 readers in total took part in the survey, which is certainly significant for the industry. The survey was carried out according to verified guidelines in order to provide a representative result which allows conclusions to be drawn regarding the rated companies’ product policy and brand positioning within their respective sectors.

The “Best Brand 2017” awards were presented on 30 July 2017 at the Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring in the Schwabentruck team’s tent. “We would like to thank our readers for their support and express how proud we are of our brilliant result and win in Lifting Systems and Wheel Engagers, a category which is so important to us,” said Markus W. Weber, Head of Business Development & Marketing at MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG.

The list of results and pictures are available for download at A detailed analysis will also be published in issue 3/2017 of WERKSTATT aktuell.