Offers “driving pleasure” even on the dynamometer: the 30 kW electric motors for the MSR 500 tester from MAHA, which are available as options, enable higher final speeds and accelerations for the vehicle’s non-driven axle. So even sports cars with more than 500 hp and variable force distribution by the drive (Haldex, 4matic, xdrive, etc.) can be easily reproduced and dynamically measured with precision on the dynamometer.

Haldenwang, 16 March 2018. The MSR 500 – which has been an established name in the field of dynamometers for years – can be optionally expanded to include 30 kW electric motors, particularly when a high performance class needs to be covered. Electric synchronisation of the roller axles makes the tester one-of-a-kind in its area of use. The motors ensure that the front and rear axles are precisely synchronised and can be regulated independently of one another.Consequently, they have the same rotational speed at all times.

An improved solution: faster acceleration during performance measurement

Additional, more powerful electric motors can be used directly on the roller set to guarantee the expected, extremely high measurability and reproducibility of MAHA dynamometers, even with high horsepower sports cars and vehicles with variable force distribution on the axles. This upgrade can be implemented for existing systems built from 2017 onwards.

The use of 30 kW motors enables the achievement of faster acceleration for speeds of up to 250 kph for the vehicle’s non-driven axle. “Compared with the 22 kW motors installed in our MSR 500 as standard, this roughly corresponds to double the tracking acceleration within the range of up to 200 kph,” explains Daniel Mohr, Product Manager for Performance Measurement Technology at MAHA. “Thanks to the faster tracking acceleration and higher speed, even high horsepower racers can be reliably tested on the MSR 500 with the high level of accuracy and reproducibility that you have come to expect from a MAHA product.”

Other functional tests can be performed on electric vehicles too

The more powerful motors mean that other possibilities are opening up to users in another area of use as well. In the field of driving simulation, therefore, the tester’s translational mass is increased, making vehicle diagnosis easier and enabling the performance of functional tests on electric vehicles as well. This makes for even more variable and customisable “test driving in the workshop”.

Outstanding force transfer

Thanks to the high-quality, special chrome nickel roller coating, the tyres optimally stick to the roller during the performance test. As a result, the force is transferred in the best way possible and “slippage” at the tyres is also avoided.

Depending on their intended purpose, the single-roller dynamometers from MAHA offer maximum reliability and highly accurate, reproducible measurements. The experts will be more than happy to advise you on performance measurement technology, taking your individual requirements and requests into account.