You should definitely sneak a peek, because the MAHA website at has been su-perbly spruced up. The new and up-to-date look and feel of the mechanical engineering compa-ny’s website will be unveiled on the scheduled date of 8 September 2020. The website hasn’t just been adapted in line with the recently renewed corporate design; it will also be clearly struc-tured and very user-friendly. Not only will the website offer intuitive navigation; it will now be fully responsive too and thus adapt flexibly to all mobile devices.



Haldenwang, 8 September 2020. There are a whole host of highlights for visitors to the MAHA website to look forward to. One of the most significant ones is the new product presentation (where products are listed under the brake testing technology, lifting technology, vehicle testing technology, performance measurement technology, emission measurement technology and headlight testing technology categories). All the relevant information and downloads are directly assigned to the products in question and can be found at a glance. Users can also access additional documents by logging in with their credentials.

What’s more, the new website offers numerous extras, including the ‘Product innovations’, ‘Reference projects’, ‘Product recommendations for PTI’ and ‘OEM’ menu items. Tips for applicants and FAQs in the MAHA Service Center section are extra fab features. The clearly arranged software section guides customers who already own a MAHA product to their goal of downloading the programs for the relevant MAHA product in just a few clicks. ‘The new website should be fun for the user and provide all the necessary information in a quick and targeted manner. We attached a great deal of importance to the new website focusing on services and being user-friendly’, says Stefan Fuchs, MAHA’s Managing Director.

Both the customer and customer communication take centre stage, which is why the relaunch was also used to simplify the contact search process. For example, you will now be able to search for the right contact person, the responsible dealer or the nearest MAHA branch by postcode, by town/city, by country or even directly using the interactive world map. Another handy extra is the direct link to the Google Maps route planner, which calculates the route to the contact found at the touch of a button.