Saving the best for last, the Bavarian company is showing exactly what it can do as 2020 draws to a close – and unveiling a secret kept for many years. The CONNECT series, its latest product, is a brake tester that is set to revolutionise the market. Why? Because with CONNECT, MAHA is looking far into the future.



Haldenwang, 11 December 2020. With its new CONNECT product, MAHA has turned something good into something even better. On the basis of its outstanding brake testers, not to mention 50-plus years of expertise, the company has brought a new digital generation into being – one that excels in the mechanical and electronic field too thanks to numerous special features. The new arrival was presented in a bilingual and virtual live product launch (with time lag) on 10th and 11th December. A large number of participants – partners, customers, friends and trade press representatives from around the globe – logged in to experience this unique event and discover the advantages of the new CONNECT at first hand. The product unveiling presented by Stefan Fuchs and Christian Thalheimer was backed up by a number of high quality videos and animations, such as the futuristic intro with a DeLorean as the main protagonist, which had been created in advance. At the end of the presentation, participants were invited to ask questions and submit comments via live chat.

Pooled expertise

“If MAHA knew what MAHA knows” was successfully adopted as a slogan by the MAHA management team, which assembled an innovative and agile project team of MAHA experts by bringing together the most experienced employees across the process chain. To pave the way into the future in partnership with customers, the team set out to develop the best brake tester in the world – a digital brake tester offering everything the customer could possibly want in terms of visualisation and display possibilities. True to the motto ‘Bring your own device’, customers can now wirelessly link any smartphone, tablet, notebook, PC or smart TV to CONNECT. Those who prefer a more conventional approach can also connect their chosen device with a cable via network connection; the customer decides what they want. There is no need to install an app or software for use; only a current web browser is required. While remote diagnosis via the Internet is possible, there is definitely no need for an Internet connection to operate the test bench.

10 main aims achieved

All parties involved were completely satisfied with the outcome of the CONNECT brake tester, which achieved the defined targets in full. 

  1. The brake tester scores 10 out of 10 for product benefits:
  2. A sturdy and solid design
  3. Modular interface module in the floor assembly
  4. Secure and digital data transmission
  5. Modular cabinet set-up
  6. Multi-flexible display possibilities »unlimited«
  7. Simple start-up
  8. Simple maintenance and service
  9. Safe Operation
  10. Optimised calibration and adjustment
  11. Integrated and expandable software and/or interfaces

The extras

The CONNECT brake tester offers customers maximum availability: failsafe operation is assured thanks to an extremely robust floor assembly and components of the highest quality. The modular structure of the test bench also guarantees future viability for customers. Another extra is the »end-of-line« test, whereby every function of the test bench is put through its paces prior to delivery. In this way customers are assured of safety when commissioning for the first time. For good measure, CONNECT guarantees extremely fast and simple maintenance thanks to plug and play technology, enabling options and sensors to be connected and disconnected with ease.


What sets the CONNECT brake tester apart is its sheer range of possibilities. The customer benefits from maximum flexibility: the digital CONNECT leaves nothing to be desired. “We have developed exactly the right product for our customers,” believes Product and Project Manager Christian Thalheimer. “Looking at the quality level and the high standard of the technology, we can take a confident leap into a digital future in partnership with our clients,” continues Stefan Fuchs. The entire project team agrees that the CONNECT series has fulfilled everything it set out to achieve. Managing Director Stefan Fuchs is delighted with the outcome and the performance of his project team, which played a major part in bringing this essential product to life. The company looks forward to commencing sales of the digitally sophisticated CONNECT in January 2021 – and the launch of a CONNECT series for trucks is scheduled for the second quarter of 2021.