•  Former partner and CEO of Sherpa Autodiagnostik GmbH, Manfred Rischke, returns to the MAHA Group after 15 years as a consultant

Haldenwang, 28 August 2018. Manfred Rischke has been working for MAHA for almost 20 years, most recently as a Sales Director. In July 2003, he decided to set up his own business and over the last 15 years, as managing partner, successively built up the company Sherpa Autodiagnostik GmbH in Mühldorf am Inn. Now, after 15 years, Mr. Rischke is returning to MAHA in order to further develop various areas together with the management board and executives of the MAHA Group as a consultant in a managerial capacity.

 “I am very happy to have Manfred Rischke with us for this new project. The combination of many years of industry experience and product knowledge, coupled with industry know-how, will help us speed things up in getting the important things right. Mr. Rischke will begin his duties in September 2018 and is already looking forward to supporting us with his contribution“, says Stefan Fuchs, Managing Director of MAHA.

(Photo: Manfred Rischke with Stefan Fuchs, Managing Director of MAHA)