• MAHA’s non-profit Family Rauch Foundation donates EUR 10,000 and helps Denise Ullmann to become more independent after serious misfortune.
• Despite her handicap after an unfruitful battle for compensation, the young Allgäu woman fights to regain her independence.

Haldenwang, 1 June 2017. MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG is socially engaged to a high degree through its non-profit Family Rauch Foundation. During the fundraising event organised by friends and helpers in Memmingen on 13 May 2015, Denise Ullmann was presented with a donation of EUR 10,000. At 19 years of age, Ms Ullmann received a blow to the head with a heavy object by a mentally disabled patient while working as a carer in an institution for people with mental handicaps. Both of her legs and one arm have been paralysed from her thoracic spine ever since. These past 6 years, she has had to rely on outside help, since an unsuccessful court case failed to grant her compensation or special financial assistance.

Yet, this special financial assistance is necessary for Denise Ullmann to lead her life in a self-determined way, and without outside help. This donation will allow her to buy tools that enable her to leave the impersonal care facility, and cope without its support. She will be able to live independently, and manage her own daily routine. This requires her private living situation to be adapted to her needs, her car to be customised, and aids, such as a special wheelchair, to be purchased.

“We are very excited that we are able to help Ms Ullmann with our donation. She has a strong record of social engagement, and landed in this situation through no fault of her own. Now, we can contribute to a more independent and self-determined life,” says Dr Andreas Mayer, Foundation Board Member of the non-profit Family Rauch Foundation. The social corporate culture at MAHA is reflected in the active role played by the private, charitable Family Rauch Foundation set up by Winfried Rauch, the company founder. For many years, it has been providing support in situations where other agencies are unprepared to step in to people who find themselves in difficulty through no fault of their own.



Image: Denise Ullmann (middle) with friends and helpers, as well as Thomas Förg (Managing Director MAHA), Thomas Visel (Chair of the Foundation Council of the Family Rauch Foundation and Chair of the Advisory Board of MAHA) and Dr Andreas Mayer (Foundation Board Chair of the non-profit Family Rauch Foundation) at the presentation of the donation. (Photograph: MAHA)