The charitable Rauch Family Foundation of MAHA is funding the cost for various pieces of emergency equipment for the Technology and Safety rapid response team. This private foundation has been supporting people who find themselves in an emergency situation through no fault of their own for many years.

Haldenwang, 27 February 2019. The Technology and Safety rapid response team of the Bavarian Red Cross (BRC) is responsible for providing the necessary infrastructure and safety during a mission. With its specialist technical equipment, knowledge and expertise it ensures the safety of the entire operation on site. “The team is responsible for the technical processes, and, among other things, power supply and lighting, heating, water supply, waste water disposal and sanitation,” explains Mr Manfred Mortzard, team leader of the BRC Altusried-Dietmannsried group. Specialist equipment is needed to carry out all these vital functions during a mission.

The charitable Rauch Family Foundation of MAHA is happy to support the purchase of a wide range of equipment and rescue aids with a donation of EUR 10,000 towards their costs. “When the Bavarian Red Cross asked us for a donation, the Foundation’s board decided to offer the financial assistance the teams in our region need”, said Anton Klotz, leader of the District Council and chairman of the Foundation at the cheque presentation in Haldenwang.

In addition to MAHA’s donation, the general public also responded to a simultaneous fundraising appeal by the BRC Altusried-Dietmannsried group with great generosity, raising enough money for a new emergency vehicle. That means the RRT now has the best possible equipment to continue doing its vital work and ensuring safe conditions for everyone during operations.