The 4th International symposium “Sensors for exhaust gas purification and CO2 reduction" takes place in Augsburg on June 28 and 29, where also a representative of the Allgäu workshop suppliers will hold a specialist lecture.

Haldenwang, 10 April 2017. Sensitive sensor technology is specifically used in exhaust gas purification and engine management like for example, temperature sensors, differential pressure sensors, soot sensors, NOx sensors and many more.

At the end of June 2017, international decision-makers of OEMs, the supplier industry and sensor manufacturers will meet again to discuss current trends and innovations. The 4th International symposium offers a high-quality platform to exchange the latest topics and innovations in the field of sensor technology on a demanding level. The conference will last two days and besides a total of approximately 15 specialist lectures, a factory tour at MAN Diesel & Turbo will take place.

Just like at the conference two years ago, the expert on exhaust gas, Antonio Multari, Director of International Sales, will represent MAHA and speak about a new exhaust gas test method in his lecture. He will present an exhaust gas measurement conducted in Buenos Aires, which will take place on a rolling test station under load, whereby the exhaust gases and especially nitrogen oxides (NOx) can be measured more reliably, including the resulting particulate matter. This type of measurement allows the Argentines to better analyse how their passenger car fleet ranks in terms of exhaust gas technology.

“I am delighted to contribute with our know-how to this international circle. The regular exchange of experience is particularly important in the field of exhaust gas measurement, as this contributes to optimizing the testing methods in the long term,” says Multari.

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