Customer experience will be even more important at MAHA in the future. As of 1 April 2018, the MAHA SERVICE CENTER will consolidate all services of the MAHA Group under one roof. In future, it will include the departments Customer Service/Installation, Training/Hotline and Spare Parts Processing/Warranty.

Haldenwang, 29 March 2018. In the past, the various functions at MAHA worked autonomously and were not completely integrated. Up to now, there were different contact persons for each request, which in turn were available under different telephone numbers. This was not only complicated and time-consuming for the customer, but it also meant that inquiries were sometimes processed several times by various departments.

Stronger integration and clear responsibilities

In the future, the MAHA SERVICE CENTER will guarantee a more efficient and effective processing of all service-related inquiries by setting up a joint SERVICE DESK. This will create a unique selling point on the market, which will contribute to the image enhancement of the entire MAHA Group in the long term. The aim is to further increase customer satisfaction.

The SERVICE DESK is the lifeblood, as service requests are received centrally through all communication channels. Three employees will handle the incoming requests and take care of every request. With a ticket system the customer inquiry is registered with a short description of the problem and, if necessary, the customer is connected to the appropriate contact person. Since all relevant data is already available at a glance with the ticket, fast support is ensured. Alternatively, customers also have the option to submit a ticket online at any time, which is then available to the SERVICE DESK for immediate processing when work commences. The current processing status of the ticket can be viewed by the customer.

"By consolidating our service divisions, we are increasing the benefits for our customers in the long term," says Robert Forderer, Managing Director of AutomoTec GmbH. "We want to solve problems as quickly as possible and with the least possible effort for the customer. Up to now there have been various contact persons according to the type of problem. Now the customer only has to remember one number: +49 8374 585 100.“

The MAHA SERVICE CENTER is divided into three main departments: Customer Service/Installation, Training/Hotline and Spare Parts Processing/Warranty. Each of these departments is managed by a Service Manager. In the Customer Service department, assembly, preventive maintenance and on-site maintenance are planned and carried out at the customer's premises. With numerous service centers in Germany and worldwide, the customer service guarantees a uniform service - regardless of the location of the products.

The Training/Hotline department also offers customers a comprehensive training programme, ranging from open training courses at MAHA service centers to tailor-made in-house training courses at the customer's premises. For short-term support for problems or questions, the hotline staff is available with their expert knowledge and can be reached from now on via the above-mentioned telephone number.

MAHA products are synonymous with the highest quality and reliability on the market. However, in the event that a part should fail, the Spare Parts department ensures a quick and uncomplicated supply of the appropriate spare parts. MAHA guarantees the availability of all spare parts for a period of at least ten years, so that the functionality of older models can also be maintained. The Spare Parts Processing/Warranty department then checks the individual inquiries with regard to warranty, guarantee and goodwill.

"I am looking forward to the launch of our MAHA SERVICE CENTER on 1 April, because we will offer our customers considerable added value in the future," says Robert Forderer. "All the departments involved in our company have been actively and enthusiastically involved in this project from the very beginning, so I am sure that our new service offer will be a complete success."

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