The entire team led by head chef Romeo Hofer is delighted to have been nominated for the “Communal Catering Manager of the Year 2017” award in the “Corporate Catering” category. The German trade magazine GVmanager this year awarded the accolade for the ninth year running.

Haldenwang, 29 November 2017. This year, MAHA’s company restaurant was nominated for the “Communal Catering Manager of the Year 2017” award alongside many large-scale canteens of various German companies. After the editorial team of the publishing house organising the award had gathered detailed information on the candidates and drawn up a shortlist, a neutral and experienced specialist jury made the final decision on the winners based on various criteria. The most important factors in their decision-making process included the leadership skills, commitment, performance, charisma and pioneering spirit of the nominated chefs.

The winners accepted their prizes at the glamorous awards ceremony held on 12 October 2017, and the MAHA company restaurant team had every reason to celebrate. “I’m proud of my whole team, and I’m delighted that we were able to win over the jury despite being a relatively small company restaurant,” said Romeo Hofer, Head of the MAHA Company and VIP Restaurant. 

In the company restaurant overlooking the Allgäu Alps, Mr Hofer and his team of eight serve refreshments for around 250 people every morning and meals for around 300 every lunchtime. As well as being diverse, healthy and fresh, Mr Hofer’s dishes are also always a feast for the eyes. “Ensuring that my customers enjoy and take pleasure in eating is most important to me, so I strive to not only create delicious and seasonal dishes, but also to make them look appealing,” explained Mr Hofer.

The formerly Michelin-starred chef and his team create meals that are freshly prepared every day for MAHA employees, who can help themselves to a wide selection of food at the salad bar too. The dishes are served as set meals, and the company restaurant employees arrange them on the plate directly in front of their customers. A major advantage of this approach is that such diverse creations can be offered, all the while considerably reducing food waste at the same time. This makes it easier to calculate the quantities, which ultimately also results in greater efficiency. MAHA cuisine stands for quality at a reasonable price – an employee can enjoy a main course with soup or a dessert for little more than €3, and the remaining cost is covered by the company. This also reflects the high level of appreciation that MAHA has for its employees, as where else would you find such delicious and healthy meals for this price on your lunch break?

Romeo Hofer and his team would like to thank the MAHA management team for giving them the opportunity to cook to such a high standard for the company employees.