For many years, the Allgäu-based company has been supporting the Christmas Parcel Convoy project, organised by the Round Table Germany foundation in support of children in need in Romania.

Haldenwang, 24 November 2017. This year, numerous employees once again got involved and donated beautifully wrapped gifts to bring children joy at Christmas.

As it has done in previous years, Haldenwang Primary School again organised the project according to the motto “Children helping children” with active support from its pupils. They collected a large number of gifts that MAHA picked up in a van. Together with the parcels donated by MAHA employees, these gifts were then passed on to the organiser, Round Table. A convoy of vans, coaches and large lorries will then bring the parcels to Romania – a drive that takes several days – where they will be given to children in orphanages, nurseries, schools and hospitals.

The gifts will certainly bring plenty of joy again this year, as for many children, these parcels are the only thing they will receive for Christmas, which is why even small gifts will put a smile on their faces – a fine project, and MAHA was pleased to take part.