Australian MAHA branch will take over the business activities of Airdraulics (Pty) Ltd, a specialist in truck service workshops, on 12 January 2017, securing access to additional customers in Australia and the entire Pacific region – a strategic move that will allow it to make optimal use of new market potential in future.

Haldenwang, 13 January 2017. In taking over the company Airdraulics, MAHA Australia Pty Ltd. is acquiring an experienced partner in truck service workshops, as the company already has 40 years of experience as a service provider in workshop fitting, with a focus on customised solutions for industrial pump and air-pressure systems and accessories for workshops and lifting equipment.

The eight-person Airdraulics team will in future support MAHA as a partner for projects and special customer requests in the truck market segment and help to advance MAHA further in the long term – a great opportunity for the local markets, as with this strategic decision, MAHA is opening up major customer potential not only in Australia, but simultaneously in the entire Pacific region. Expanding the existing product portfolio will make new markets accessible, enabling MAHA to offer all-inclusive solutions for truck workshops and truck service points in future, with the help of Airdraulics expertise.

The widespread sales and service network that Airdraulics has managed to build up over the past decades will also be a crucial advantage here. Synergies in sales are also expected, and in logistics thanks to a customer-focused warehouse management system. “In a country like Australia in particular, it is important to further expand potential customer segments and even more important to permanently improve service structures. With our take-over of Airdraulics, we are aiming to further strengthen both sales and service,” says Bernhard Gött, managing director of MAHA Beteiligungs-Gesellschaft mbH. The high level of service and the quality that Airdraulics has implemented regionally over the past 40 years, just as MAHA has done for 30 years, will continue to be the top priority for both partners.

“I, myself, and the entire Airdraulics team, are looking forward to our future activities with Maha Australia Pty Ltd., as we are certain that this step will bring us crucial advantages in Australia and New Zealand,” says Peter Perry, managing director of Airdraulics.