•  MAHA managing directors, sales executives and dealers from 60 countries in total met to share views at the international dealers’ conference in Ottobeuren.

Ottobeuren, 24 September 2018. The biennial international dealers’ conference is of paramount importance for a global player like MAHA. Automechanika hadn’t even opened its doors when MAHA’s most important meeting for the international owners, managing directors and sales managers of MAHA authorised dealerships was held in Ottobeuren.

On 9 September 2018, MAHA found out about current changes and circumstances during the international dealers’ conference, in addition to showcasing futureproof products and strategies. Over 130 representatives from 60 countries were in attendance and seized the opportunity to take the latest knowledge to the subsequent “Automechanika” trade show and then home with them in order to integrate it into their everyday business activities. “This is the only way to ensure the expansion of market shares and the creation of a global sales and service network by MAHA sales partners and dealers,” explained Antonio Multari, International Sales Manager.

An extremely wide range of situations was examined and innovative, futureproof solutions developed in open discussions with Stefan Fuchs, MAHA’s Managing Director. Every phase of the meeting was characterised by optimism, which put even more emphasis on the lively exchange of experiences.

The perfect, unmistakeable combination of a business event and leisure allowed all those attending to deepen their existing trusting relationships and formed the basis of maximised success.

Gerriet Danz, an innovation expert, encouraged the participants to think outside the box with his impressive and inspiring presentation entitled “Utopia generates sales”, in addition to helping them successfully connect issues and techniques which would generate sales in the future.

The entire Sunday was reserved for extensive information transfer and lively exchange of information, while the evening cut a very impressive figure with a very special event: during the MAHA Oktoberfest in Ottobeuren’s Schachen district, all of the international participants enjoyed a great party with a typical Bavarian atmosphere. The band “Caipirinha” and funny, quaint competitions made for a humorous evening. What’s more, the culinary expedition through the world of Bavarian cuisine left nothing to be desired.

The event was characterised by a positive atmosphere and lots of energy, and in the end everyone was ultimately confident and geared up for the industry’s upcoming leading trade show.