With the new FTS 2018 wireless touchscreen by MAHA, the user interfaces of current vehicle testing applications can be displayed on a hand-held device. Brake tester, emission tester or even performance tester can be operated from any place in the workshop. This makes it an effective support tool for everyday work in the workshop!

Haldenwang, 9 March 2018. Starting each test procedure centrally from the control panel, getting out of the vehicle after each test and running back to the console in order to evaluate the results or, if necessary, carry out new tests - that is time the inspector wastes in the workshop for each vehicle without using the time effectively. All this will be a thing of the past with the new FTS 2018 from MAHA.

More speed for your workshop

With the wireless touchscreen, the user is no longer restricted by the control panel, but can start and control all functions by remote control from any location within the workshop. This is not only convenient, but also saves walking distances and therefore saves a lot of time: for example, if the tester remains seated in the vehicle during the test, he can view the results on the hand-held 10.1" screen. The system is operated via the multi-touch LCD display using remote control. The view is 1:1 the same as at the control panel. The measurement results are then automatically transmitted via WiFi or Bluetooth 4.1. Connection to other software used in the workshop is of course also possible, as long as the display and operability via tablet is possible.

For the tough everyday workshop routine

Compared to its predecessor model, the robust FTS 2018 offers an even greater protection: IP65, one of the highest standards (previously 54), guarantees that the device is not only absolutely dust-proof, but also protected against water jets and completely sealed. It also functions reliably even under extreme temperature fluctuations and conditions and, thanks to its sturdy protective cover, can withstand falls from a lower height.

Small but great!

The MAHA workshop assistant also weighs just half the weight of an average laptop, with a total weight of just 900 grams. In addition, the wireless touchscreen is equipped with a special hand strap on the back for secure and flexible use. Another feature of the new device is the improved 8 MP camera. Furthermore, the battery of the FTS 2018 has an operation time of up to ten hours. It can be used for an entire working day without breaks and can be charged overnight. Just connect again in the morning and off you go!

"Customers who already use our wireless touchscreens keep telling us how satisfied they are with the devices, because they can use them to shorten processes significantly within the workshop, which saves valuable time and ultimately money. We are pleased to make a significant contribution to this with our product," says Markus Weber, Head of Business Development & Marketing at MAHA.