One company, one goal, one brand: As part of a merger agreement, what was formerly MAHA’s subsidiary AutomoTec GmbH was transferred back to the parent company on 1 June 2019. MAHA is thus increasing its presence on the market and focusing even more on service, which is at the very heart of its corporate strategy.

Haldenwang, 3 June 2019. In 2004, what was at that time the ‘Customer Service’ division was spun off from MAHA and became a limited liability company (GmbH) in its own right, trading under the name AutomoTec. Back then, this was done because MAHA was performing assembly, repair and service work for more than just MAHA products; it also offered these services for other manufacturers’ products too. ‘Against this backdrop, it made sense not to operate on the market under the MAHA name,’ explained Robert Forderer, Managing Director of AutomoTec GmbH. ‘At that time, we wanted to make a clear distinction that would allow us to operate neutrally on the market and ultimately generate more orders’.

Over the course of its 14-year existence, AutomoTec grew continuously and made a name for itself on the market as MAHA’s factory customer service provider. But as the years passed, the situation changed due to the acquisition of SLIFT and HETRA, two former competitors, and due to MAHA’s rising sales figures. As a result of this, AutomoTec now only provides its services to handle MAHA orders. In light of this fact, the management team decided to merge the two companies. ‘We are one, and this is now also reflected in terms of how we appear to the outside world,’ clarified Managing Director Dr Thomas Aubel, discussing the strategic decision to transfer operations.

Focusing on the customer

The merger reflects MAHA’s clear commitment to a consistent single-brand strategy. In conjunction with the MAHA SERVICE CENTER, the strong ‘MAHA’ brand ensures a uniform presence on the market. This combination permits simplified representation of the advantages that a standardised MAHA service offers. From the factory customer service with its own internal transport operations and dispatch department, to the in-house training centre, the spare parts and warranty processing activities and the service hotline – the customer gets everything from a single source. ‘We will focus even more on this decisive advantage in our communication in the future too,’ explained Dr Aubel, outlining the company’s focus, before going on to state that the customer and everything they need is always at the heart of everything MAHA does.