MAHA honours long-standing employees as part of this year’s employee meeting. Some of them have been working for the Allgäu-based company for no less than 45 years.

Haldenwang, 5  January 2017. The 54 employees that were honoured by MAHA at this year’s employee meeting have already clocked up a combined total of 1000 years of employment with the company – an impressive figure that clearly demonstrates how they feel about their employer and how satisfied they are with the work they have been carrying out day after day for so long.

The employees have been part of the MAHA Group for between 10 and no less than 45 years, most of them working for MAHA directly, but some employed at AutomoTec (MAHA’s workshop service) and at MAHA-AIP. In honour of this occasion, HR manager Cornelia Georg handed each employee a document to express the company’s particular gratitude for this long-standing loyalty. “We are proud of our workers and we are very pleased that certain employees have accompanied us for such a long time, as their motivation and commitment make a very real contribution to our company’s success,” says Ms Georg.

MAHA now employs almost 1,300 workers in over 150 countries worldwide and is a leading premium manufacturer of workshop and vehicle inspection equipment. MAHA’s extensive product portfolio covers all areas, spanning inspection and safety engineering, chassis equipment, vehicle lifts, performance measurement, diagnostic tools and emission analysis technology – not least thanks to the innovative thinking and team spirit of the employees that have transformed MAHA from a two-man operation to a successful global player over the past decades.

For MAHA, employing well-trained specialists with enduring motivating and enthusiasm provides tremendous value, as they possess a stack of specialist knowledge and a high level of skill in every single area – and this is what forms the fundamental basis for long-term international success as a premium manufacturer of workshop equipment. And MAHA employees also show their loyalty in terms of how long they choose to stay with their employer: around 23% of the workforce have worked for the company for over 10 years and nearly 17% no less than 20.

Securing the company’s most valuable asset – its workers – was one of the reasons the founder of the company, Winfried Rauch, decided to pass on his life’s work to two foundations, the charitable foundation and the family foundation of the Rauch family, back in 2011. His aim was to secure jobs worldwide in the long term. This important step for his company was a matter of personal importance for

him, expressing both his gratitude to his fellow workers and his desire to safeguard the company’s future.